agility: change

Accelerate change and build organizational agility

Understand individual and organizational readiness during change

Individuals move along a change curve as they adjust to a new reality. Their ability to successfully adjust to change can be helped or hindered by the organization. CHANGE in an intuitive application that allows leaders to quickly understand stakeholder group readiness and risks, benchmark the process and focus organizational attention on the right levers to accelerate change. 

How you can benefit

Quickly understand stakeholder groups

Compare stakeholder readiness indicators across business units, functions and segments.

Focus organizational attention

Identify commonalities, risks and opportunities across organizational groups to learn where to take action.

Navigate the change curve

Recognize which levers to work with to drive individual readiness and behavior change. Identify your dimension and item-level change acceleration priorities through our proprietary predictive analytics algorithm.

Feature highlights

  • Available with standard or customizable content
  • Powerful data at your fingertips
  • Available in multiple languages via an enterprise cloud platform
  • The RWA3 proprietary predictive analytics algorithm identifies unique priorities overall and for every unit
  • Integrate text analytics to gain deeper insights on themes and action areas
  • Industry, geographical and top quartile company benchmarks
  • Real time response monitors
  • PDF, Excel and editable PowerPoint exports
Release notes

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