high performance: Culture
Unleash new possibilities with a winning culture
Build the culture that supports your strategic priorities 
Culture is a powerful lever in achieving business results. Whether your organization needs to become more agile, change in line with strategic transformation, or align groups following a merger or acquisition, CULTURE is an intuitive application that allows you to quickly understand your current culture, compare this to your target, and understand priorities to accelerate the culture that will best support your strategic objectives. 

How you can benefit

Understand culture deep within the organization

Understand your company culture across business units, functions and segments.

Target the culture the supports your strategic objectives

Learn what target culture supports your objectives and what action is needed to realize that culture.

Accelerate culture change

Recognize which levers to work with to build and sustain your target culture. Identify your dimension and item-level culture priorities through our proprietary predictive analytics algorithm.

Feature highlights

  • Available with standard or customizable content
  • Measure current and target culture
  • Available in multiple languages via an enterprise cloud platform
  • The RWA3 proprietary predictive analytics algorithm identifies unique priorities overall and for every unit
  • Integrate text analytics to gain deeper insights on themes and action areas
  • Real time response monitors
  • PDF, Excel and editable PowerPoint exports
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