Improve decision making through integrated insights

Get talent analytics where you want it, when you need it

Every great business leader will tell you they need data to make important decisions. INTEGRATOR is an intuitive application that gives your leaders access to key talent indicators in a single portal.

How you can benefit

Integrate talent data

With INTEGRATOR you can integrate data from multiple talent platforms including your HRIS, measurement, performance, and other talent solutions.

Analyze and understand trends

Your employees’ experiences at a particular moment and over time are revealed through INTEGRATOR’s capabilities.

Add focus in a world of noise

Curate the metrics that matter to your organization from our extensive library.

Feature highlights

  • Integrate diverse data sources into one platform
  • Overlay workforce, engagement & performance metrics
  • Choose from over 50 standardized metrics
  • Set data access privileges for each user
  • Filter data by employee demographics
  • Compare your scores to industry and best practice benchmarks
  • View data trends over time
  • GDPR compliant

Kincentric’s “multi-rater” capability lends itself to an array of administration options and survey types, including:


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