Create an eXtraordinary Employee eXperience

Global Employee eXperience Report 2019

Creating an eXtraordinary eX requires taking an employee-centric approach to Strategy, Continuous Dialogue and Delivery. With a “never done” agile approach, companies can ensure successful delivery of the employee experience that unlocks the power of people and teams to accelerate organizational success.

The data in this report indicate that many organizations will need to close gaps in strategy, measurement and delivery to realize the eX they want to create. eXtraordinary organizations that are most effective at eX delivery point to a number of leading practices that need to be considered.

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Translations: This report is also available in Spanish and Portuguese.


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High-performing cultures come from highly engaged employees gaining meaningful experiences throughout the employee lifecycle — all the moments of inspiration, leadership, recognition, development and transition. Our holistic approach to human behavior, technology and data-driven insight ignites change and will help you create these moments to unlock the power of your people and teams.

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