Employee eXperience in a post- COVID world

2020 Global Employee eXperience Research 

Kincentric’s 2020 Global Employee eXperience (eX) Research is now closed. Over 800 CEOs and HR professionals from 42 countries shared their views on how COVID-19 has impacted the eX in their organization and how they are preparing for the neXt normal.

Participants have reported high levels of positive eX over the past few months, as 86% believe their organization was responding appropriately to the COVID-19 crisis. They also report significant investments into eX, well-being and technology in spite of the cuts, freezes and layoffs. Over half (56%) of companies have recently invested in wellness and employee assistance/ stress management.

Despite the disruption, more than half of the organizations are actively preparing for the future and 74% expect to return to a more stabilized state with people and operations in the next 6 months. The research results – similar to last year’s findings – indicate that although we saw remarkable improvement in numerous eX aspects in the past few months, many organizations will still need to close gaps in strategy, measurement and delivery to realize the eX they want to create for the neXt normal.

Our 2020 eX whitepaper (coming soon) and our fall eX webinar will cover differentiating eX practices for the neXt normal in even more detail.

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Global employee eXperience report 2019

Did you know, our 2019 Global Employee eXperience research covered:

  • 1300+ HR professionals
  • 43 countries
  • 23M employees worldwide
  • 23 industries
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Translations: This report is also available in Spanish and Portuguese.

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