2019 Trends in Global Employee Engagement

Kincentric’s latest employee engagement study reveals that engagement is at an all-time high with two-thirds of employees engaged. But differences around the world reveal that the growth in engagement is largely being driven by positive movement in China (+3pts) and India (+1pt). In North America and Europe, the levels of engagement have stayed flat, while Latin America has seen a drop.

So, what are the areas of focus for driving employee engagement?

  • Be more agile
    Agility is key, but scores are dropping, revealing how difficult it can be to implement agile principles.
  • Leadership
    Even though the scores are flat here, leaders still play a key role in driving employee engagement – it’s also important that frontline managers help inspire and coach their teams.
  • Talent focus
    A drop in scores reveals it is getting harder to attract and retain the right people, which is why it is so important to manage the business’s value proposition and talent pipeline.
Trends to track

Current and future trends to track when it comes to employee engagement include the convergence of culture, engagement, and employee experience; the need for HR to advance its own capability and capacity as well as technology and data overshadowing the real talent problem.

While these trends are important, few organizations can successfully execute on the employee experience they seek to deliver, revealing the necessity of getting clear on strategy, governance and objectives.

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