Acquiring Talent in High Tech

Trends in Talent Acquisition for Technology Companies

Acquiring Talent in High Tech

Faced with elevated competition, talent acquisition functions are shifting the way they are organized and how they think about the talent acquisition process.

For technology companies, talent acquisition functions are increasingly applying sales and marketing concepts to traditional organization structures, practices and programs. With a focus on candidate experience, functions have become more integrated to drive consistency in processes to ensure a seamless and standardized customer experience. Seventy-one percent of tech companies have employment branding and marketing resources aligned to talent acquisition.

Additionally, contractor models have become more embedded and have become a core part of the talent acquisition staffing model. Campus programs have also grown significantly, in terms of both numbers hired and the size of teams supporting the programs.

Tech companies need:

  • New skills and capabilities in talent acquisition – must be developed or acquired
  • A focus on return instead of costs/efficiency – it’s becoming more costly to get talent through the door
  • Coordination with HR to deliver on the employee value proposition – HR and managers must take ownership of the employee experience


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