Driving a Customer-Centric Employee Experience Through HR Shared Services

Driving a Customer-Centric Employee Experience Through HR Shared Services

As organizations set their sights on profitable growth, there has been a seismic shift in what executive leadership expects from the HR function regarding business strategy support, while employees increasingly expect HR to deliver a consumer-grade experience.

As a result, HR leaders are doubling-down on shared services to help them refocus their resources. This study sought to gain a better understanding of the growth of HR shared services in today’s complex business environment, asking questions such as: Why is your organization considering a move to shared services? What scope of services will be delivered via this model? Are you bundling other business functions with HR?

Key insights revealed include:

  • Delivering a better customer experience — rather than cost reduction — is the main driver behind implementing an HR shared-service model
  • Organizations are placing greater trust in HR shared services to handle complex administrative processes.
  • Despite the growth in global business services, the majority of organizations continue to maintain HR shared services as a stand-alone function.


Partner HR & Talent Advisory | U.S.
Partner HR & Talent Advisory | U.S.
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We would like to thank Michael Martin for contributing his insights to this article.

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