The Secret to Transforming HR: Focus on the HR Business Partner

The most important levers for delivering on HR transformation outcomes are getting the right HR business partners (HRBPs) with the right capabilities engaged in the right behaviors. Often the attempts to upskill the HR generalist fall short because of the current workload, or organizations fail to educate business leaders on the value of HRBPs.

A successful migration into the HRBP role requires four essential stages:

  • Identify and Address Dependencies
    The most common mistake HR organizations make when introducing the HRBP role is changing the name of the HR generalist to HRBP and expecting them to start consulting with the business but not taking anything off their plates.
  • Get the Focus Right and Involve the Business
    Identify three to five core HRBP competencies that will support the needs of the business and drive the objectives of the broader transformation.
  • Tailor Curriculum to Address Business Issues
    The transformation doesn’t happen overnight; future HRBPs need the opportunity to learn and practice skills, while training needs to be customized and transferable.
  • Hold the HRBPs Accountable
    Outline what HRBPs will be held accountable for in the first 6 to 12 months.

About the Authors

Michael Martin
Partner HR Advisory Global Practice Leader 
Partner HR & Talent Advisory | U.S.
Partner HR & Talent Advisory | U.S.

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