Message from our CEO

This is a deeply painful time in the U.S. I believe it is important to not be silent, as that has perpetuated the status quo. We must openly acknowledge the longstanding history of racial injustice in the U.S. and its ongoing impact on the Black community, and actively speak up against it. The latest series of tragic incidents in which George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery were killed because of the color of their skin is unacceptable. I want you to know that we unequivocally stand against racism, racial injustice, and discrimination against the Black community in any form.

I realize that mere words are not enough to heal the pain and anguish of the Black community—suffering that others can never fully understand. I want our Black colleagues, clients, and communities to know that we not only care about and support you but that we are listening, learning, and leaning into discomfort by having the difficult conversations necessary to become a more equitable and just society. I believe I have a responsibility as a leader of this company to confront these issues head on and drive meaningful change.

My commitment begins with examining our own internal house and not being satisfied with our shortcomings. I have started those discussions internally. We have much more to do to build a more diverse team, including at the leadership level, and create a culture that deeply values differences. Our purpose as a firm enables us to help start dismantling some of the systemic issues and racial biases that are ingrained in organizational structures and processes, leadership and team dynamics, as well as the experience of employees. Given how entrenched these issues are, there is much work ahead for all organizations, and we are dedicated to doing everything in our power to drive positive change. We have put together a team and deployed resources to work on how we can start to help clients address these structural and behavioral issues as a first step toward transforming corporate cultures and developing more diverse leadership teams. More than our words, ultimately it must be our actions collectively that will create a better future.

Kevin Connelly