Can you recession-proof your organizational culture?

In times of uncertainty, leaders who focus on their culture will come out ahead

Accelerating Talent for Tomorrow

Discover five game changers to drive business impact in 2023 and beyond.

Inclusion: It’s not what you think

Discover three common myths about inclusion and how they might be holding you back.

Learning Culture to Go

Learn how to foster an organizational culture that encourages curiosity, development and continuous learning.

Meet Kincentric: Proven expertise in unlocking the power of people and teams

People drive your business: What drives your people? To thrive in today’s increasingly complex business world, organizations must deliver the type of leadership, workplace culture and employee engagement required to drive transformation, enhance agility and accelerate performance.

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pride 2023

Celebrating Pride Month

Please join us in celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride across the globe. We believe that every employee should feel empowered to bring their whole selves to work, every day. Building an inclusive culture — one that embraces diversity, inspires authenticity and makes every employee feel valued — can maximize the potential of people and teams. We are proud to be able to help our clients transform their cultures, develop inclusive leaders and accelerate positive change for a brighter, more equitable future.

What we do

Through decades of experience and specialist expertise in culture and engagement, leadership assessment and development, HR and talent advisory, and diversity, equity and inclusion, Kincentric helps organizations ignite change from the inside. By combining measurement and data-driven insights, we shape advisory solutions to help people and teams thrive at every level.



Creating an engaging workplace culture

We will assess, design, and activate culture and employee engagement transformation to enhance your employee experience, retain top talent and deliver better business outcomes.


Inspiring current and next-generation leaders

By leveraging our scalable, tech-enabled leadership programs and solutions, we will assess, develop and coach your leaders at all levels so your business can thrive.


Designing growth-driven organizations

Our team of experts will work with you to optimize your HR function to drive business performance, enable talent and facilitate an engaging employee experience.


Leveraging DE&I to drive business outcomes

Using our data-driven approach to embed diversity, equity and inclusion into our clients’ cultures and behaviors, we will ensure your DE&I efforts drive meaningful change.


Discover our Insights Zone

Articles, insights and analysis on trending HR topics from leading experts.

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Start your journey to agility and high performance

We partner with organizations to improve their health from the inside, assessing and activating key actions that positively impact the employee experience and business results.
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