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People drive your business: What drives your people? To thrive in today’s increasingly business world, organizations must deliver the type of leadership, workplace culture and employee engagement required to drive transformation, enhance agility and accelerate performance.

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Embracing the Talent Uprising

As we ease out of the pandemic, employees are becoming more vocal about their needs, desires and expectations, with many willing to walk if they are not met. Smart organizations will embrace this paradigm shift of power to transform the employee experience and redefine the future of work.

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Engaged employee at work
Culture & Engagement

Making a culture of engagement a business asset

High-performing workplace cultures come from highly engaged employees gaining meaningful experiences throughout the employee lifecycle – all the moments that most inspire, lead, recognize and develop them. We help manage all of these, in ways that retain great people, create positive employee experiences and deliver the best results.
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Leadership Assessment & Development

Inspiring current and next-generation leaders

Our leadership assessment and leadership development capabilities are designed to identify, assess, coach and develop your leadership talent, enabling them – and your business – to thrive.
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HR & Talent Advisory

Designing growth-driven organizations

Kincentric works to ensure that your human capital and talent management investments are linked to your business strategy, with the goal of making business and HR priorities transparent, relevant and actionable, ultimately driving organizational performance.
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Diversity, Equity & inclusion

Leveraging DE&I to drive business outcomes

To be successful, DE&I efforts must be leader-led, talent-driven, culture-activated and HR-enabled. Our data-driven approach embeds DE&I into our clients’ cultures and behaviors, driving meaningful change.

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Best Employers

Start your journey to agility and high performance

We partner with organizations to improve their health from the inside, assessing and activating key actions that positively impact the employee experience and business results.
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