Employee Experience

An engaging and differentiating employee eXperience (eX) is critical to driving performance, now more than ever before. Why? Because it has the power to connect to an organization’s purpose, increase employee engagement, retain talent, drive successful transformation and positively impact business results. 


eX is everything an employee experiences throughout the employee lifecycle—from recruitment through exit or retirement. It is imperative to understand and act on the moments that matter to inspire, elevate, connect and remove friction in order to create a positive employee eXperience. With decades of expertise, extensive research and robust solutions, Kincentric can support organizations in developing the right eX approach to really drive change from the inside and improve organizational effectiveness.

Our latest Global Employee eXperience Research

This changes everything: Why the employee eXperience has never been more important

COVID-19 has changed everything, everywhere. It has disrupted the employee eXperience and changed the way people think, feel and act. It has changed their expectations and desires, and it has fundamentally changed the way that organizations should be engaging with their employees.

In our latest global research, more than 800 CEOs and HR professionals from 42 countries shared their views on how COVID-19 has impacted the eX in their organization and how they are preparing for the neXt normal. Explore the findings of our research:

Did you know?

  • 50%
    of companies viewed COVID-19 as an accelerant for culture, talent, eX and leadership
  • 36%
    of organizations said their leaders are ready to create a great eX
  • 35%
    of companies were actively testing new procedures and programs

Our employee eXperience insights

Perspectives to help you create and deliver a great employee eXperience based on our latest research.

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Kincentric can help

High-performing organizational cultures come from highly engaged employees gaining meaningful experiences throughout the employee lifecycle — all the moments of inspiration, leadership, recognition, development and transition. Kincentric’s holistic approach to human behavior, technology and data-driven insight ignites change to help you leverage these moments to enhance your employee eXperience, improve employee engagement and unlock the power of your people and teams.

Strategy Delivery Dialogue

We help clients succeed through:

eX STRATEGY: Aligning an eX strategy with a clear connection to business, purpose and talent strategy focused on readiness to deliver.

eX DELIVERY: Optimizing and integrating your HR function. Activating leadership capabilities and capacity to deliver.

eX DIALOGUE : Designing and implementing a Continuous Dialogue strategy — supported by cutting-edge technology and data science available from Kincentric's People Platform.

From designing your employee eXperience strategy to building HR capability and change management, we can support you through each part of the process.

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