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Kincentric inspires your people to thrive, give their best efforts and achieve extraordinary results. 


Through an unmatched combination of impactful people solutions, insightful data and enabling technology, we can help your organization articulate a clear vision and activate a strategy of continuous dialogue. Bottom line, Kincentric inspires change. Our holistic approach to human behavior, technology and insight adds richness to the employee experience that encourages people to engage fully, at levels that can be measured and applied as predictors of business outcomes.

Our Solutions


At Kincentric, we combine strategy, analytics and change implementation to deliver cultures and employee experiences that engage and inspire your people.

Whether you work in a 500-person organization or a multinational enterprise of 250,000, our deep expertise in business and talent strategy, organizational culture, employee engagement, employee experience, design thinking, people analytics and change management will help you deliver better outcomes through your people.

Our experienced global consultants are located in every major geography, so they can help you architect and shape solutions that guide you and your people toward success wherever you are.

Data-Driven Insights

We combine advanced data science and benchmarks to uncover useful insights that direct meaningful action and support you in making highly informed decisions.

Our rich global benchmark data allows for important comparisons to industry, geography, level or function. And our best-in-class top quartile benchmarks and Best Employers certification help to inspire extraordinary performance by comparisons to high-performing organizations.

Whether bespoke consultative analytics or analytics embedded in our technology platform, our science gives leaders and managers the insights, actionable suggestions and decision support required for agile action.


Kincentric’s technology platform is comprised of cloud-based workforce measurement software that combines employee data, survey feedback, benchmarks and actionable suggestions to deliver fast, easy and intuitive insights that inspire action.

We offer a wide range of friendly, intuitive solutions – from self-directed options like eX Pulse to enterprise-scale approaches – that are designed to improve a range of employee lifecycle concepts.

Regardless of the scale, our solutions enable executives, managers and individuals to gain insight, build capability and connect with others to unlock performance.

Best Employers Certification

Our Best Employers certification gives high-performing organizations credit and visibility for the quality of their employer brand – and an edge in the talent marketplace.

This program looks into the health of your organization from the inside, using the most objective measure possible – your employees’ opinions. With more than 20 years of robust data on employee experience behind it, the program measures and differentiates employers on the four people-factors that are key to success: high employee engagement, agility, engaging leadership and talent focus. We have documented:

  • 86% higher sales growth than average companies
  • 71% higher operating income than average companies
  • 4x higher sales growth than bottom-quartile companies

For additional information about Best Employers, click here.

Our Platforms

Kincentric’s culture and engagement capability is supported by our employee experience hub. If you need to hire the right talent, develop employees or foster an engaged workforce, we can help you get there quickly, effectively and with lasting impact.

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Our Value

Resources to evolve the workplace
Kincentric is the global leader in designing and implementing employee experience strategies across the complete talent lifecycle. Our experience comes from an unmatched depth of proprietary data and consultative experience:
Our professionals represent the industry’s most comprehensive researchers of culture, leadership and employee experience. We pioneered the employee engagement and enablement concept  and are particularly proud to lead the market with research into people trends.

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