Leadership Assessment & Development

To successfully face business and societal challenges both today and tomorrow, organizations need talented, resilient, caring leaders who can foster inclusive cultures, inspire human-centered employee experiences and drive business transformation. Kincentric grows leadership capabilities at all levels, strengthening your leadership pipeline to accelerate business performance.


Build future-ready leaders that propel your business to success

Kincentric’s expert advisors help to identify, assess, coach and develop the next generation of leaders, enabling them to thrive in a competitive economy, build effective teams and drive organizational vitality amid complexity and ambiguity. Our approach is rigorously grounded in organizational science, experience-based insights and deep expertise – and then successfully applied in organizations across the globe.

Leadership assessment

Ensure you have the talent required for your organization to thrive. We apply fair, granular, scientific, fact-based methods to identify where prospective and current leaders stand on mission-critical, future-focused skill, character and capability attributes. Our customized, holistic approach to leadership assessment provides a firm basis to guide high-stakes talent decisions and investments, while also delivering a world-class user experience at scale.

  • Assessment methods are strategically tailored to your vision, culture and performance expectations
  • Multi-faceted approach increases predictive accuracy and legal defensibility
  • Supports promotional or hiring decisions and the design of impactful, customized development/onboarding
  • Outside-in perspective and deep analysis of leadership and talent succession readiness and risk
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Leadership development

Leading successfully today demands compassionate leaders who can establish a climate of inclusion and psychological safety, forge meaningful connections, foster team engagement and influence through trust. Leaders facing continuously rising expectations need a mindset of continuous learning to be ready for what’s next. Our customized, state-of-the-art leadership programs build on a foundation of assessment-driven, enhanced self-awareness designed to immediately impact leader effectiveness and build future-talent capability. Our developmental journeys emphasize real-world and immediate application to actual leadership challenges, to accelerate growth and promote behavior change.

  • Highly engaging, experiential and action-oriented programs
  • Addresses identified leadership competency gaps you’ve determined as most critical
  • Virtual and in-person workshops supplemented by technology-mediated learning
  • Strong facilitation, coach and global client care teams, delivering personalized support at scale
  • Robust data analytics to track behavioral change and ROI

Our Leadership Development Programs Deliver ROI

Coaching solutions

Leadership coaching is a high-touch development intervention to help individuals overcome existing leadership challenges. We offer a range of solutions to enhance awareness, enable growth and empower practice throughout your leadership pipeline. With specific, measurable goals, our best-in-class coaching solutions are tailored to your needs and directly aligned to business objectives for more intentional, sustainable and focused results.

  • Highly skilled, diverse, deeply experienced and credentialed coaches
  • Balanced coaching framework centered on:
    • Translating data into reliable, science-based insights
    • Defining challenging goals and actions to accelerate development
    • Helping leaders connect the dots between available developmental resources and the application of emerging skills
  • Field-tested over decades-long partnerships with key clients
  • Inclusive approach designed to empower underrepresented groups

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