Leadership Assessment & Development

Combining leadership consulting with proven assessment and development toolsets and technologies, Kincentric grows leadership capabilities at all levels, expanding your leadership pipeline and driving business performance.


Our experts in Leadership Assessment and Development can help to identify, assess, coach and develop your leadership talent, enabling them to thrive in a competitive global economy, manage effectively and drive employee engagement amid changing conditions. Our leadership development workshops led by our experienced leadership consultants are rated three times more effective than others in the industry. And our web-based leadership assessment suite provides a robust, cost-effective and modular approach to assessing leadership capabilities and potential along with detailed developmental results and actionable insights.

Our Leadership Assessment and Development Solutions

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Leadership Consulting

Through deep leadership consulting expertise and holistic perspective on your business, we can ensure your succession planning fully supports your strategy now and in the future. Our experienced leadership consultants work in close partnership with clients to produce a robust plan and create leadership development programs that articulate and build capabilities across the organization, at all stages of the leadership experience:

  • Assess & Select
  • Align & Focus
  • Develop & Equip
  • Engage & Retain

We will work with your HR function to ensure your leadership development plan directly links to your business and talent strategy and helps to create an engaging employee experience.

Our guide to effective leadership assessment 

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Horizons – Advanced leadership assessment and development centers 

Horizons includes elements of assessment, feedback, training and development and coaching. Our leadership development process is holistic, bringing together a personality assessment, multi-rater survey and interviews conducted in advance of an on-site, in-person assessment center with custom-designed role-play simulations followed by classroom training. Horizons includes a detailed Individual Development Plan for each participant, along with ongoing coaching and targeted development activities.

Our Value

The far-ranging power of Kincentric leadership development:

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