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In today’s increasingly complex world, organizations are navigating through incredible uncertainty and organizational change. From remote working, accelerated conversations around diversity, rising mental health issues and exponential technological advancements, the workplace has transformed forever. Organizations must constantly evolve and adapt by building agile, inclusive cultures, creating inspiring employee experiences, nurturing feedback and dialogue, actively focusing on innovation, and embedding their businesses into the future.

Backed by 20 years’ worth of data on employee experience, Kincentric Best Employers recognizes leading organizations worldwide, using the most objective measure possible - employee opinion. It differentiates on people factors which are the key to accelerating success: high employee engagement, profound agility, engaging leadership and talent focus. We partner with clients to improve the health of their organization from the inside, by igniting sustainable change. Becoming a Best Employer leads to better business results, more efficient transformation, greater organizational effectiveness and improved results for all stakeholders.

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Engaged Employees in Meeting
“IHG is defined by the more than 400,000 people who work in our hotels and corporate offices and it’s only by listening to these colleagues that we can continue to deliver our purpose of providing True Hospitality for everyone for the millions of guests we welcome each year. Achieving Best Employer accreditation and recognition for our approach to diversity and inclusion shows that we’re creating an environment where people feel like they really belong and can deliver their best work.”

Ranjay Radhakrishnan, Chief Human Resources Officer, IHG


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"Since its founding more than ninety years ago, Marriott’s success has been rooted in its commitment to foster wellbeing and opportunity for all. We are pleased to have been the first company to be named a Global Best Employer and truly honored to have achieved that distinction every succeeding year. It’s a testament to the heart and soul of our people-first culture."

David Rodriguez, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Human Resources Officer at Marriott International, Inc.

Marriott International


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Strive to transform your business and improve agility through your people

In our volatile and uncertain environment, agility is key. We help organizations unlock the power of people and teams to drive agility and better business outcomes.

Kincentric is committed to helping organizations transform throughout the journey, as we do this every day for our clients – by identifying strengths, uncovering hidden weaknesses and providing them with the advice and guidance to ignite change and transform at scale. With decades of experience and specialized expertise across culture and engagement, leadership assessment and development, HR and talent advisory, and diversity, equity and inclusion, we are best positioned to support you on your journey to high performance. We’ll provide insights on best practices in talent management, as well as data-driven results specific to your organization.

If you would like to improve your talent management practices, build a diverse, agile culture, enhance your HR function and create a differentiated employee experience, join the Best Employers journey.

Partner with Kincentric on your Best Employers journey

Get access to insightful and actionable data

You will receive insightful and actionable data delivered through state-of-the-art technology platforms, as well as smart advice to help you better understand employee opinions on employee engagement and other dimensions of the work environment. You will understand the most critical focus areas to help transform your organization by defining the roadmap for continuous improvement going forward.

Exclusive networking and knowledge sharing

Start your Best Employers journey and you’ll be in good company. You can network with other organizations who are equally committed to creating exceptional employee experiences. Plus, learn from Best Employers in your region– their leading people practices, their commitment to leadership, and most importantly, their ability to be agile and continuously evolve to remain competitive.

Benchmark against the best

Your employee feedback is stacked against the best organizations in Kincentric’s robust database – the strongest in the industry, with data from nearly 15 million employees from across the globe.

Feel proud for being the best in the business

Becoming a Kincentric Best Employer means your organization inspires your employees, makes them proud and feel energized by their employee experience, their leaders and the organization’s vision. And your advanced, effective leadership and talent practices will drive your organization to success.

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Best Employers outperform the rest

Our research proves that Kincentric Best Employers drive consistent long-term performance through effective leadership, a profoundly agile organization, an exceptional talent focus and ultimately, through high employee engagement. Not only are these organizations well positioned to win the war for talent, but they are seeing better business results as well. They demonstrate:

People factors: Our key to an amazing employee experience

Our research shows that extraordinary employers are creating an amazing employee experience by excelling on four measurable "people factors". Our Best Employers surpass other organizations on these critical factors to create sustainable competitive advantage. 

The new benchmark – becoming a Kincentric Best Employer across the globe 

Across the globe, with consistent methodology, we assess, advise and transform organizations to create exceptional employee experiences and better business results. Becoming a global Best Employer means your employees are inspired, engaged and motivated to do their best, every day, and anywhere in the world. Discover how you can take part.

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