How it works

Kincentric's Best Employers program recognizes leading employers that are reinventing the workplace for now and the future. Looking at the health of organizations from the inside, we certify leading employers using the most objective measure possible – employee opinion.

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How to get certified? 

Conduct an employee engagement survey

The methodology used to determine an organization's qualification as a Kincentric Best Employer is an integral part of Kincentric’s employee engagement methodology. You will work with Kincentric culture and engagement survey experts to conduct an employee engagement survey that works best for you.

Participating organizations are measured on the four Best Employers Indices: employee engagement, agility, leadership and talent focus.

We will analyze your results by country/market, region or globally 

Using survey data collected from employees, the four indices mentioned above are calculated for each organization at country level and then compared to relevant Kincentric thresholds. Kincentric sets the top quartile thresholds for the four indices annually, using data from its global employee research database.

Please note: In certain regions, additional steps may be required to determine Best Employer status.


Participation eligibility

To be recognized as a Kincentric Best Employer, your organization must be top quartile for engagement as well as top quartile for 2 out of 3 of the other indices(1).

(1) Thresholds are based on Kincentric’s country/regional/global benchmark data

(2) At least 50 employees in each of the countries in the region(s). Kincentric reserves the right to consider other factors in assessing eligibility

Survey requirements

All questions must be asked to all employees or a representative sample to be determined by Kincentric. 

The survey must be administered by Kincentric ensuring confidentiality and a trusted environment. Organizations accept Kincentric's terms and conditions for the program.

Ready to accept the challenge?

To find out if your organization is a Kincentric Best Employer, get in touch with our culture and engagement experts near you.

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