Build competitive advantage by retaining top talent

Retain talent by learning why key people leave

Great talent is a major competitive advantage for organizations today. When key employees leave, businesses are impacted by replacement costs, as well as loss of time, valuable knowledge and skills. EXIT is an intuitive application that gathers feedback from departing employees so regrettable losses can become moments of learning and avoided in the future.

How you can benefit

Understand the ‘why’ behind regrettable loss

Intuitive dashboard reporting identifies retention trends and allows you to use history to better manage the future.

Get insight before employees leave

Easily launch and manage exit surveys for departing employees, and consolidate feedback from interviews in a single platform.

Feature highlights

  • Launch and administer exit surveys and interviews
  • Available in multiple languages via an enterprise cloud platform
  • Automatic notifications to hiring managers & HR administrators
  • Send surveys to work or personal emails
  • Continuous measurement with monthly and quarterly reporting
  • Integrate with your HRIS
  • GDPR compliant
  • Pair with organizational psychology, best practices and data sciences consulting

Kincentric’s “multi-rater” capability lends itself to an array of administration options and survey types, including:


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