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Alongside the Kincentric platform, the eX PULSE platform is a smart, intuitive and self-controlled survey toolset to keep you and your business focused on the issues and solutions that are most impactful for leading your organization through change. eX PULSE provides you with the flexibility to manage your own continuous dialogue program by self-administering surveys when you want, asking what you want, and targeting whom you want.

How you can benefit

Industry leading benchmark database and methodology

Integrate Kincentric’s guidance around the right questions to ask, effective surveying and reporting practices, and include Kincentric’s industry-leading benchmark database and methodology for insights and action.

Collect critical employee insights when you need them

Empower HR, leaders, and managers to collect critical insights through an easy-to-use, robust measurement tool that makes getting insights simple and fast.

Lower overall organizational risk

Enable a well-governed process on a proven platform that lowers overall organizational risk and elevates measurement practices.

Feature highlights

  • Accelerates dialogue with your employees: listen, act, repeat
  • Drives successful behavioral change
  • Integrated guidance for asking the right questions and conducting surveying and reporting
  • Simple, point-and-click interface
  • Templates reflecting best practices
  • Ability to survey in 80 languages and report in 40.

Kincentric’s “multi-rater” capability lends itself to an array of administration options and survey types, including:


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