Accelerate or Get Left Behind
Unlock Growth with an Agile Culture

Organizations face a challenge to innovate and grow in an exponentially changing environment of disruption and digitalization. Quite simply, they must be able to assess and adjust more quickly if they are to survive.

Companies with top-quartile levels of organizational agility have more than double the three-year average growth rate of the average organization. Creating organizational agility represents a significant culture shift for many companies.

Ideas to accelerate progress in building an agile culture include:

  • The leader as a visionary and decider – the ability to take fast decisions to move groups forward and focus action is a key leadership attribute in agile organizations
  • Start with the desired employee experience – define what agility will look like for you and measure a baseline to build understanding of the customers of your agile organization
  • Continuous dialogue – change the way you listen to your customers and adjust

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We would like to thank a number of contributors to this project for their insight: Gerhard Diedericks, Daniel Froggatt, Ashish Khanduja, Magdalena Kustra-Olszewska, Dr. Stefan Mauersberger and Alexander Wallace-Smith.


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