The Engaging Leader

The Leadership-Engagement Link

Engagement matters, yet on a global level, only six out of 10 employees are engaged. Engaging others is a leader’s responsibility – so how can leaders be more engaging with their direct reports and those around them? Our Global Employee Research Database of 15 million respondents reveals that the most critical leadership drivers of employee engagement are:

  • Establishing direction and shared purpose
  • Demonstrating character and integrity
  • Developing and retaining talent
  • Applying knowledge and sound judgement
  • Interacting with others

An engaging leader profile is built through the leader’s guiding beliefs, displayed behaviors, and critical experience. Another clear theme that emerged from our study of engaging leadership was that in order to engage others, leaders must first be engaged themselves.


Managing Director
Global Practice Leader
Leadership Assessment & Development
Director Leadership Assessment & Development
Partner North America Leadership,
Advisory Solutions Leader
Director Leadership Assessment & Development
APMEA Practice Leader Leadership Assessment & Development
Associate Partner Leadership Assessment & Development
Europe Practice Leader

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