Toward Net Zero — People Enablement of the Energy Transition

The Energy Transition entails a fundamental realignment of the global energy economy, driven by a shift in the mix from primarily hydrocarbon-based energy to zero-carbon, renewable energy. The journey to Net Zero is arguably one of the most complex and far-reaching undertakings attempted by humankind thus far, requiring unprecedented investment and innovation across countless disciplines in a multitude of sectors.

At Kincentric, we believe people enablement lies at the core of successfully navigating the Energy Transition from a position of differentiation. It is the very nature of the response to the Energy Transition that can see an organization within its own unique context either thrive, as it builds and leverages competitive advantage, or languish, as it faces seemingly insurmountable challenges. And, in an age of increasing social activism, employee activism, the “Talent Uprising” and the “Great Resignation,” organizations need to be deliberate and positional in their response.

Ultimately, the Energy Transition is an innately human journey, and it is people who will enable the monumental task at hand. So, the crucial initial focus for organizations should be ensuring there is a common understanding of Energy Transition fundamentals; aligning on strategic aspirations and the people imperatives that will enable them; and deliberately shifting toward the right culture and mindset to catalyze high-impact, fit-for-purpose action.

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