Adapt, Evolve or Die
Is your business ready for change?

Instead of approaching change as a project to be managed, organizations should be embedding enduring change-readiness into their cultural beliefs, decisions, behavioral expectations and capabilities.

By examining how employee engagement and culture relate to an organization’s success or failure at change, we start to see capabilities that determine an organization’s enduring change-readiness.

These capabilities are:

  • Visionary Leadership
    Leaders who can inspire employees with a compelling long-term vision and mission underpin a strong culture, high employee engagement and change-readiness.
  • Decision-Making Effectiveness
    Being able to make effective decisions quickly and in an agile way is a key attribute for change-ready organizations. Confusing direction or unwinding decisions once they have been made makes employees second-guess where they should place their energy.
  • Learning Agility
    In the face of constant change, knowledge of specific skills and rote behaviors will soon be obsolete. The only sustainable capability is knowing how to learn with an openness to adapt.

About the Authors

Senior Partner Global Culture & Engagement Practice Leader
Michael Martin
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