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Shaping the Employee Experience to Create a Culture of Engagement


As the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world, leaders and managers demonstrated unprecedented levels of compassion and care. And it worked. The latest research from Kincentric shows that an empathetic, connected leadership style doesn’t just make people feel good – it drives employee engagement and it gets results.

As the pandemic continues and fatigue has set in, strong leadership will be the key to every organization’s success moving forward. But, while 58% of HR leaders say “inspiring and engaging leadership” is essential, only 36% of organizations believe their leaders have the leadership capabilities needed to create their desired organizational culture and employee eXperience, highlighting the urgent need to provide leaders with development tools and support. Employee engagement and organizational success depends on it.

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Perspectives to help you deliver a great employee eXperience through and for your leaders

Our panels of Kincentric experts discuss:

  • The corrosive impact of disengaging leaders on the employee experience
  • How to leverage the ripple effect of Engaging Leadership to drive organizational success
  • The power of SPARK and the attributes and actions of Engaging Leaders

Webinar recordings:

The Engaging Leader

You’ve heard it before – employee engagement matters. Yet our research reveals that on a global level, only six out of 10 employees are engaged. While the solutions for improving engagement have become increasingly complex, there is no doubt that leadership can have a huge impact on employee engagement.

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The Kincentric Engaging Leaders Model

Drawn from decades of employee eXperience research and leveraging our extensive experience in leadership assessment and development, the Kincentric Engaging Leaders model is designed to cultivate the mindset and behaviors that create a positive employee eXperience and drive business performance.

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