Reimagining HR for 2025
Preparing HR for a Changing Workplace

The workforce is changing. Nearly every aspect of managing the workforce is shifting in new directions, with technology leading the charge, impacting areas such as learning and development, recruitment, and employee-employer relationships.

Given these challenges, HR is being compelled to reimagine its philosophy and tenets. So what new models could better serve HR strategy?

  • Expanded Competency Model
    This model enhances the traditional model through the additional role of an HR partner. HR Business Partners (HRBPs) and Centers of Expertise provide strategic direction to initiatives, while HR Partners and HR Shared Services handle the day-to-day work required to run initiatives successfully.
  • Internal Consultant Model
    HRBPs are embedded into the business organization. Enterprise resources, based within the Centers of Expertise, operate as internal consultants and are available to respond to specific business unit needs on a project basis.
  • External Leverage: Maximum Outsourced Model
    Composed of the HRBPs, Centers of Expertise and HR Shared Services; the difference from the traditional model is that the Centers of Expertise operate with extremely slim resources, outsourcing event-driven work.

The role of HR will shift dramatically over the next decade. It is essential for organizations to look at their current structures and make the necessary changes in how work is filtered.

About the Authors

Michael Martin
Partner HR Advisory Global Practice Leader 
Partner HR & Talent Advisory | U.S.
Partner HR & Talent Advisory | U.S.
Senior Consultant HR & Talent Advisory | U.S.

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