Driving a Digital Employee Experience Through HR Shared Services

Building on Kincentric’s 2017 research report, this edition reveals new insights in the areas of digitalization and consumerization, globalization, and HR shared-services adoption and service scope, concluding that organizations have moved well beyond routine transactional activities in leveraging shared services.

Insights include:

  • Digitalization and Consumerization
    The trend towards the digitalization of HR service delivery in the form of cloud-based HR applications remains strong. Adoption of artificial intelligence and robotic applications increased this year, with indications of significant expansion over the next one to two years.
  • Globalization
    Nearly eight out of 10 respondent organizations that have a global footprint are operating a globalized HR service delivery model in one form or another.
  • HR Shared-Services Adoption and Service Scope
    Even though HR shared-services models are already well-represented among the surveyed organizations, their adoption continues to grow. Respondents cite the pursuit of numerous business objectives, with increasing HR service capabilities and improving the employee experience as the top priorities.

About the Authors

Michael Martin
Partner HR Advisory Global Practice Leader 
Director HR & Talent Advisory
Partner HR & Talent Advisory | U.S.
Director HR & Talent Advisory
Partner HR & Talent Advisory | U.S.

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