The Engagement Outliers

How to Accelerate Extraordinary Improvement in Employee Engagement

Achieving extraordinary employee engagement improvement – quickly – is the real challenge. To do this, you have to push against inertia and move people and your organization much further and faster than they would go under ordinary conditions.

Many leaders ask the same questions, such as: What is typical improvement in engagement in one year? What are extraordinary companies doing to achieve big engagement improvements? How much do we need to improve engagement drivers to achieve desired engagement outcomes?

Survey trends from organizations representing more than 420,000 employees reveal that engagement outliers – businesses that go well beyond the average to achieve extraordinary engagement improvement, year over year – increase engagement by 11% or more each year.

These outliers include:

  • The most improved players – make the most improvement in enabling infrastructure; the processes, practices and resources that help people get work done
  • The ordinary to the extraordinary – senior leadership is key here. Eight out of ten employees have a positive impression of the direction, decision-making, support and accessibility of senior leaders
  • The best getting better – this group is serious about talent management; pushing the envelope in attraction, retention and enablement

To become an engagement outlier, an organization must look at areas such as a culture of engagement created by leaders and being clear about the behaviors expected from employees, while realizing the real value of employee engagement.

We would like to thank Ken Oehler, Ph.D. for contributing his insights to this article.


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