Embracing the Talent Uprising

Talent Uprising—The Revolution Driving Evolution


The disruption caused by the pandemic and social unrest over the last 18 months has resulted in an unprecedented change in how, when and where people work. It has also altered the way people think, feel and engage, shifting employees’ expectations with regard to flexibility, social responsibility and alignment to the culture and purpose of the organization as well as progress in DEI initiatives. Employees are more vocal about their needs and may be willing to walk if those are not met. While many have predicted this is leading to a “Great Resignation,” we believe it more accurately reflects a Talent Uprising. Rather than resign and search elsewhere for these things, many employees would prefer to stay and help create the change they’d like to see.

While organizations are going through exponential change dealing with digital transformation, hybrid working, reskilling and upskilling, they also have a unique opportunity to transform in response to this paradigm shift in power, in which employees exert their influence to redefine and shape the future of work.

At Kincentric, we believe that this impending Talent Uprising presents one of the greatest opportunities ever to create meaningful changes in not just the workplace, but in the workforce as well as work itself.

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The Talent Uprising

Employees are no longer willing to return to pre-pandemic ways of working. This has led to a power shift and resulted in a Talent Uprising, creating a world in which employees have a stronger hand in dictating the terms of employment.


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